a letter from leafstash...

dear leafer,


We are Khirmer & Steven from leafstash inc.
When we moved to Canada, we realized how beautiful and bountiful this country is. Each of us has different dreams respectively, however, after a while, we noticed something wrong with how our current system works in many ways.
We were both working in a retailer when we noticed many businesses and consumers overlooked how much paper is wasted by all the unnecessarily printed receipts. Furthermore, more than half of these papers are just thrown away.

the problem

We also noticed how more than half of the customers who visited our store found how badly they needed their receipts to prove or process a transaction, and even took advantage of loyalty points that were otherwise forever lost.

not just our solution, but “the” solution

As both of us have expertise with enterprise systems and quality software management, we realized how easy is the solution for the problem. Why not transform the receipt management system to digital? Other countries have them already, so why not Canada? why not North America?

people are asking for this

Throughout our journey to discover what needs to be done, we discovered that many companies can potentially create the system, but do not want to because they do not believe that people need it. We found out that many people need such a solution, so we are venturing out to create the service that people need and want.

our product offering

Our goal with the product we are building is to give people the opportunity to adopt paperless receipts by providing them with an online service to just store all their receipts in any medium. Be it as an email, paper scans, or pure data. You can say it will replace your email inbox to store receipts.

the benefit to our planet

Imagine, when the majority of people would rather choose digital receipts rather than paper. Each and everyone will be contributing towards preventing unnecessary cutting of trees from the forest, or wasting energy and water just for paper production. We will also leave so many trees for our future generations to benefit and enjoy.

to our future leafers

This letter aims to ask for your support by pre-purchasing our lowest subscription plan costs. The funds will not only help us with our development expenses, but will also help us gain more data and validation towards creating an excellent, quality, and premium service. The number of future users will help us identify which people need our service the most, and how we can shape products based on the demand.
We are currently 50% in the development of our service and hopefully be ready by the last few months of 2024.

what is it in for you?

We do not want just receive your support without anything for you.
To show our dedication, we will give incentives to our supporters with the following offers.
  • The first 300 pre-paid leafers will benefit from the lowest yearly subscription plan “forever”.
  • Not only do we plant one tree for every pre-registration, but we also add another tree for pre-paid users. This is done in partnership with EcoDrive

policies regarding the funds

All the support from leafers is appreciated!
However, if you feel like you made a mistake, feel free to reach out to refund your funds. We will keep the tree for you though.

thank you note

At last, our vision for our company is to create products that benefit our planet, and not necessarily be just software.
Our project, ESS, also known as Earth Sustainability Solutions, will hopefully become widespread, which not only we, but many companies adopt.
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