Receipts 101
Why Do You Need Receipts?

You bought a new cool
earphones, phone case, coffee grinder, shoes, backpack, baby stroller, screw driver set, computer, vacuum cleaner, portable tent, led bulb

Fast-forward 27 days...

The item you bought suddenly stopped working,

and you tried to search for the receipt,

but it's GONE!

You have few choices...

Pursue The Claim

Where you need to line up, wait for the customer service to retrieve the purchase history, pull out your credit card statement, and just be hassled!

Give Up, Lesson Learned

You tried your best to search for the receipts, waiting in line is too time-consuming, or just be disappointed by all the fuss just to return one item.

Did you know, 10-30% of consumer products are return/exchanged every time?

It means there is up to 3 out of 10 chance that you will return/exchange something you bought!


What if you were able to archive your receipts digitally?

No Hassle
You don't need to keep forgetting where you will keep and where you kept your receipts!
Get Your Money Value
An unusable product is the same as a lost money! You have to maximize your money's worth!
Reduce Clutter
Say goodbye to your super mixed up email inbox, or in most cases, your pockets or wallet!

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