our team

we call ourselves "leafers"

we are diverse group of people from different professional background by united with one mission, to build solutions that will help our environment recover.


khirmer dia - co-founder & cto

khirmer has more than 10 years of product management experience, especially tech-related.

after 14 years in Japan, he did a career shift when he moved to Canada and discovered his innate abilities to efficiently build systems for internet not just with physical servers, but especially with the cloud.

he interestingly established his work ethics based on Japanese's detail-oriented and North American innovative tendencies.

steven cumberbatch - co-founder & ceo

from Barbados to Canada, steven has been always focused in IT management. with past experience working as IT auditor for PwC or IT management in Barbados government, his roles has always been important to many organizations.

he is Masters in computer science and business analytics, and working for his PhD to research more about financial AI.

meet pandya

full-stack developer

amanpreet kaur

full-stack developer

kelsy baloch

ui/ux designer

carmen li-tsang

business marketing & vp for environmental