🌿 Leafstash's Green Revolution: Planting Trees! 🌳

Happy New Year, Leafstash Community! 🎉

As we usher in 2024, we are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with EcoDrive, a platform committed to planting verified trees for us. At Leafstash, we believe in the power of green fintech and its ability to make a positive impact on both your financial management and the environment.

Imagine managing your transactions while contributing to the planet’s well-being. 

🌍 Starting this January, Leafstash users can actively participate in our eco-friendly initiative. Through automated integration, we will plant trees on your behalf in our app and digital platform.

Curious about the verification process? We’ve partnered with EcoDrive, utilizing Veritree, a cutting-edge tree-planting verification platform. This technology ensures that every tree is genuinely planted, combining scanning technology by planters with geo-coordinates, blockchain verification, time stamps, photos, and storage on a public ledger for trackability. 

Want to learn more about this exciting venture? Visit [EcoDrive](https://ecodrive.community/) for additional information. 

🚀 As a gesture of Leafstash’s dedication, our team has already planted 30 trees in Kenya, and aims to plant many more around the world! 🌱 Now, we invite you, our amazing community to join us on this green journey. Let’s make 2024 the year we create a real environmental impact together! Check out our EcoDrive public page. Click Here
Embrace the future of sustainable finance with Leafstash. 🌿 Your transactions don’t just manage finances; they now contribute to a greener planet. Stay tuned for updates on our eco-friendly endeavours and be a part of something truly revolutionary!

– The Leafstash Team

Who is Leafstash?

Leafstash is a SaaS startup that focuses on software solutions/apps that solves human problems while creating good impact to the environment. Leafstash’s triple S initiative (Sustainability Software Solutions) aims to transform our long overdue way of life such as wasting paper, through innovation and software.