Live simply. Save all your Receipts.

Automate and simplify your receipt management and expense visualization.
Access all your receipts easily anywhere, anytime.

Maximize your tax claims Declutter your inbox Don't miss loyalties Never forget warranties AI Bookkeeper Help our planet!

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Keep Your Personal Email
Free Of E-Receipts And Spam

Best-in-class Security and AI Spam Filter

Protect your personal inbox. Give merchant your “.eco” email ID just for receipts.
Utilize AI to really keep all those spams out, and only receipts in.

Better Expense Tracking

Automatically categorize your receipt data as they are sent to your account.
Your data can show detailed expense insights, eliminating guesswork.

Never Worry About Storage

Unlimited storage. Period.
Designed specifically to store your data.

Integration with Ecosystem

Stop using multiple merchant apps to manage all your receipts. Our platform also integrate with your favorite accounting app like Quickbooks.

Seamless User Experience

We have users experience in mind in every button and design. Forget about manual entry!
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Built to Last

We are continuously building our platform with resiliency and reliability in mind.
We promise to deliver for many years ahead.

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Be Part of the Movement to Help Restore Our Environment

Why print paper receipts if you will throw them anyway?
Capture 80% of your receipts into digital, and adopt paperless!

Our app not only reduces your paper waste, but we also plant trees on your behalf! Every milestone plants one verified tree, even on the free version!

Our platform also provides features such as carbon footprint tracking, and dedicated "" email id to give you proof of contribution.

40 million
tons of paper wasted every-single-year
1 million trees
equivalent of paper receipts in North America
0 %+
of total paper receipts still uses BPA

Why care about receipts?

Few years from now, paper receipts will eventually become obsolete, and email receipts will become the mainstream form for transaction data - receipts.

Besides fossil fuels or plastic, paper is also a negative impactor for the environment. Paper production not only involves trees, but water, energy, chemicals, and logistics are all part of the chain.

Our world is transitioning towards greener alternatives for everything, including paper production. Why start contributing now and be part of the change?

When all receipts become email, your personal inbox won't be enough.

Our receipt stash service is designed to work compliment with your personal inbox to effectively manage your emails and receipts.

Leafstash receipts is also designed to parse, process, and organize your receipts so you don't have too.

What People Say?

Can I send my receipt by email?


You will get your dedicated and very memorable "" email id. You can provide this email id to merchants at the point of purchase.

Can I export my receipts?

Yes. This will be in two methods.

You export each receipt to your personal email, which is available for individual plans.
You can generate a PDF with your preference and send it to your email.
Each method will available in different versions.*

To provide you with the best possible experience, please note that this feature is an upcoming feature. Stay tuned!

What happens to my data?

We take security and privacy seriously. 

  • We do not sell your data to any 3rd party at all!*
  • We anonymize your data in relation to your account! Meaning, even in the rarest possible scenario that your data got leaked, no one will ever know who the data belongs to.
* Please read our data policy for more details.
The merchant cannot send emails, can I scan paper receipts?


Although we are in a mission to eliminate paper usage across the transaction process, the reality is it would take time. That is why we added a receipt image scanner/uploader feature on our apps.
Do note that not all paper receipts are made equal, there might be a chance that the scanning capabilities cannot accurately scan all the characters and you may need to modify/fix the text. 
We are improving our software algorithm and even implementing AI and machine learning to reduce these inaccuracies as much as possible!
When will be the service go live?

Stay tuned for our 2024 release!

You can sign up for beta release on May 2024.

How much will it cost?

To provide everyone a quality software, yes it will cost. 

However, we want everyone to adopt paperless receipts as much as possible so we priced the individual version less than the competitive market price.

It will still be reasonably well priced compared to missed returns, extra tax refunds, and even or collectively lost few hours of your time per year because of misplaced receipts!

Will you integrate with Quickbooks?


It is part of our roadmap.

A lot of our customers are looking forward to having their receipts easily integrated into Quickbooks, Sage, and more!

How are you protecting my data?

Your data are stored encrypted - converted to gibberish with a random key - at rest. 

Also, we have several gates implemented to make sure unauthorized people cannot access your data.

Furthermore, your receipt data is anonymized, meaning, your receipt data is as good as your ordinary paper receipts. Even if there is a 0.1% of the data leaking out, no one will ever find out who it belongs to.


Frequently Asked Questions